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Facebook is the most widely used social networking website that has complete information about you and your loved ones with the help of the status updates and other sharing options. Hence understanding the privacy settings of Facebook is crucial so that your identity and all the private information remain safe and secure.

No doubt, we all enjoy using Facebook but being one of the most widely used applications, this website is also the main target of the hackers and identity thieves that may use your identity and account for many cyber crimes. Hence the privacy of your Facebook account is crucial for managing.

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In this piece of writing, we let you know some of the major privacy hacks that you must perform on your Facebook account so that it can be safe and only remain in front of your loved ones. The people, who do not know you, should not know about your Facebook activities as well. One can take a look at the points stated below for understanding the privacy hack of your Facebook account:

Managing who can see your account

There are certain privacy options provided by Facebook in the settings that allow you to choose the people who can see your timeline. It not only helps in ensuring the timeline visibility but also the tagging options and helping you to manage the posts on which you are tagged. Make sure to choose the ‘Friends’ for the people who can see your timeline and ‘Ask for approval’ for any tag permission.

Even for the post on your wall, there is an option, and you can choose ‘friends’ or ‘only me.’ There is ‘View as’ option on your profile when you are managing your privacy so make sure to check that out so that you can understand how your Facebook profile is visible to the strangers. From that, you can make certain changes.

To manage these options, on the upper right corner click on the little arrow then select “settings”


Click on “privacy” to access all the privacy settings

The “Privacy Settings and Tools” section allows you to manage who can see your publications and see your informations.

Managing who can contact you

Facebook provides you with the options that ask you about who can add you and you must choose ‘friends of friend’ instead of everyone so that no stranger can send you a friends request. Following and followers can also be managed and make sure to choose ‘friends’ who can follow you and always have the approval in your hand.

The “Who can contact me?” section allows you to manage your friend requests authorization.

Blocking functions

Facebook provides you with blocking option which the help of which you can not only block the strangers, but you can also block some friends to send you messages, add you in certain page or groups and send you events invitees. You can even block the certain page, ads, and groups as well.

In the settings, click on “Blocking” to access all the blocking settings

Managing the login alerts

Login alerts help you in realizing if your account has been accessed from some other computer or some other location. Make sure to have login approval so that you can use your phone code whenever you have logged in. It can be irritating, but in the case, someone has got the password right, that person still requires that phone code to access your account. This can sometimes lead to lock your account and hence to make trusted friends who can help in unlocking your account is a good option.

In the settings, click on “Security” to manage all your security settings.

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