Ebay Login Problems

Ebay Login Problems

Are you having Ebay Login Problems? Then, the following information can help you solve the login problem.

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Forgot Your User ID, Password, or Both

Forgot Password

If you forgot your password, press “forgot my password” key, and eBay will soon send your password to your e-mail.  In the email you will get a link to reset your password, once you click on the link it will take you to reset page and provide your new password and press continue.

You should know that, while creating your new password, you will be asked to provide a secret question or any other relevant question connected to your account.

Forgot User ID

Send an email asking eBay to send your user ID if you forgot your user ID.  Enter your email address and press ‘continue’ button. The eBay will send you an email with a link to reset if you want.

Even after asking eBay to send your User ID and you didn’t receive it yet, then you first check your junk email or bulk email filters and folders, sometimes, these emails will be sent to junk mails. Also, ensure that your inbox is not full.  If your email inbox is full, then delete all unimportant mail and then follow the above-mentioned steps once again.

You should know that if you get an alert message saying that your User ID cannot be confirmed, and then you may have to provide extra verification to verify that you are the account holder.  The alert message provides the instruction, just follow the instructions.

Are you getting “Your sign-in information is not valid” message?

If you are getting login not a valid message, then first check, if the Caps lock is on, if it is on, then off the Caps lock key and try. If you still not getting into the webpage, then follows this:

  • Send eBay email asking to send your USER ID to your email address
  • Also, ask them to send your password reset link as well.

You should know that the eBay will send an email along with the information related to your member account. You will surely receive a response within a day, and also it depends on the email system.

Also, you should know that, in case, if you have bought any product as a guest, then you may not get an eBay user ID/password.   First, you need to register to get a valid password or User ID.

Is your account has been suspended? Then go to the website and check the information on suspended accounts.

If you are getting a message says that the page could not be displayed. This may not be an issue as it is often a temporary issue. Just try signing in again, but you still get the message and then try this:

Ensure that your browser is updated.  eBay uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology that may not work on the older browser.  That is why it is compulsory to upgrade your browser before you sign in for eBay account.

If your browser is upgraded, but still not working, then try deleting your browser’s cache and cookies. You should know that cookies are nothing but small files located on the hard drive of your PC that eBay utilizes to offer the services.