Things to know about Gmail

Google Gmail is a simple and easy email service which is free. It can be used from any platform. Google Gmail can be accessed from browsers, apps or OS integration. This is worldwide recognized email service. Anyone with internet access can create google account with single Gmail account login and gain access to varieties of google services and products.

10 features that makes Google Gmail a leading email service provider

It is free : There is no cost to sign up and use Google Gmail. There is some cost associated to use premium features but basic function is charge free.

Available across device : No matter which device you use or which OS you are in, Google Gmail service is available. You can sign in to google no matter you are in Windows, Apple, Android or any platform.

Lots of Free space : Google provide you 15 GB of free storage, which you can utilize in Gmail or Google drive or Google photos. This much of space is enough for normal user. If you need more space than that you can easily buy additional space from google in a reasonable price.

Google hangout : With google hangout you can video call, send photos, instant message to your friends and colleagues . And you can access that feature right from inbox. For mobile you can download hangout app.

Gmail search in email : Google email use strong search engine power of google. You can search any mail, attachment from search bar. Users can also search google drive and events from calendar.

Payment via Gmail : Google’s payment service wallet is integrated with Google Gmail. Now you can send fund to your colleagues and family instantly and securely. If your bank account is linked with Google wallet then sending money doesn’t require any transfer fee.

Security : Google encrypt your emails with high grade encryption. For sending and receipt of all Google Gmail an encrypted HTTPS connection is used.


How to connect to Gmail

Gmail is definitely the best free webmail service, it is provided by Google. However, many people have issues to create a Gmail account or to log in.
You will find help with Gmail connection process and  all the information you need to recover access to your account.

Things to know before you log into Gmail

Every Gmail services like Google drive, Google docs, YouTube are accessible with single Gmail login.

You need a Gmail account and its security password before you log in to

A device with working internet connection (PC, laptop,tablet, mobile, , etc.) is also needed.

Gmail sign in process to access your inbox

  • Step 1: Type in your web browser address bar.
    The Gmail sign in is at top right corner, press “Sign In“.
    Once in a while, you may be redirected to Gmail sign in page.


  • Step 2In Gmail Sign In page, enter your email on the field “Enter your Email” and press ‘Next’.


    • Step 3 “Password” field is just below your Gmail address. Fill the Gmail password field. (For security reason, you won’t have the capacity to see your secret password and it will be shown in *** so ensure you have written right password.)
      Press “Sign In” under the password field. If you are not utilizing a shared or public device/computer, you can check ‘Stay signed in‘ so you don’t have to enter  your Gmail login credential every time.
Check our post Password Security to learn how to create and retain the best secure password
  • Step 4:  Depending your web velocity, you will see your inbox a few moment later.
    You can click ‘Load basic HTML‘ at the right corner at the bottom of the page, if your internet connection is too slow.
  • Step 5: Victory ! You are logged in your gmail inbox.
    If login is unsuccessful, your Gmail id or password is incorrect. Confirmyour Gmail login credentials and repeat previous steps. In the event that in any case your login attempts fail, you should try to reset Gmail password. You can find help here.

Gmail Sign In for 2-Step verification enabled account

2-step verification is additional safety feature to enhance email security. In this feature, you have to enter additional security code which you receive via text, voice call or mobile app while logging into your Gmail account from unknown device or browser.

How to sign in to other Google apps with your Gmail account and password ?

  • Sign in to your Gmail mailbox
  • On the top right corner click on the “Apps” (the little grid)
  • All you have to do is choose which application you want to connect to

Go to Gmail login page

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