Gmail Tips and Tricks

Gmail Tips and Tricks

Most people from all over the world have Gmail Account.  The Gmail can be used on all devices, including iOS, Android, and Desktop devices, and it allows you to view attachments instantly. You can see the file without leaving Gmail, and also it allows you to save the attachments straightaway to your Drive to categorize and share them in a safe and single place.

Gmail allows you to take action directly from the inbox. It allows you to track packages, RSVP for events, review products, and more without opening your emails.  You can compose new messages even while checking your inbox. Gmail allows you to compose easily and quickly, and it is loaded with the best features. You can also use the Gmail for business as it lets you get a custom email on the website, including docs, calendar, video meetings, and much more with access from your tablet or Smartphone.

The best features of Gmail have wrapped away, and many people might have never known about these endless Gmail tricks. Here you can find some of the best Gmail tricks and tips that can help you use the Gmail even more efficiently.

Mass Unsubscribe:

Many users are annoyed with the unwanted newsletters, but they don’t know exactly how to get rid of them for good. The good news is Gmail has this “unsubscribe” feature that allows you to remove all the unwanted newsletters. You can find an unsubscribe button located next to the sender’s address in advertising emails, with just a click the button, you can remove all the junk from your inbox.

If you do not find ‘unsubscribe’ button for some newsletters, then just type ‘unsubscribe’ in the search box.

Here you will find all those unwanted emails, deals, discount, notification, etc., that you have never signed up for, and you just select all and press the remove all button.

You can also use ‘Unroll. me’ plug-in to clean up all the junk in your inbox with just a single click.

Is Someone Else Reading My Email?

If you suspect that someone else is reading your email, then you should check ‘last account activity’ option which you can find when you scroll email all the way down.

  • At the bottom and on the right corner you can find “Last account activity: minutes ago.”
  • There click ‘Details’ button and your Gmail will show exactly at what time and when the account was opened along with IP address and also it show the what kind of device they person was using.
  • If you see unusual activities you can click on “Sign out all other web sessions” to disconnect the unwanted sessions.

Default Reply All:

Many individuals feel lazy to resend an email, especially for a mass emails.

If you are a part of mall emails, and when you have to send a reply to one and all, then use “reply all” feature in Gmail.

You can find “reply all” under the General tab under the Setting there you can find “Reply Behavior” and toggle to “Reply All.”

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts:

If your device does not facilitate with keyboard shortcuts, then don’t worry. Go to the Setting, and under the General Tab you will find some options, there press ‘on’ to turn on the keyboard shortcuts.  Once you get keyboard shortcuts, you just need to type one letter or a mixture of letters, which can make your daily tasks easy and quick. The keyboard shortcuts are:

  • ‘j’ to go to older messages
  • ‘k’ to go the latest messages
  • ‘e’ to archive
  • ‘/’ to type in the search bar
  • Shift + # to trash
  • ‘a’ to reply all
  • ‘r’ to reply individually