Instagram Login Problems

If you forgot your password, then you can reset your Instagram account using your phone number, Facebook account, or an email address. If you are unable to resent your password even this way, then open the Instagram app for extra help.

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Forgot Your User ID, Password, or Both

Forgot Password

First, open the app to reset the password of your Instagram account.  At the login screen, press “Get Help signs in” located below Log in.  If you are an Android user, then select Email or Username,  send an SMS or use your FB account to log in, and enter your details and you get on-screen instruction, just follow these instructions.

If you are an iOS user, then click phone or username. Enter your username, email address or phone number then press “send log in link.”

If you are not able to reset your Instagram password using the phone number, Facebook, or email address, then you may get extra help through the Instagram app. You can open the Instagram app on the mobile device and once you open, on the login screen, press “Get help signing in below Log in.

On Android

Press Email or username, and then enter your email or user ID, on the top right, press “Need more help?”  Then you will get on-screen instruction, just do as the instructions say.

On iOS

Enter your email or username, press “Need more help?” and follow on-screen instruction.

If you are not able to find your email address when you are trying to reset your password, then you should choose a different email address.  In case, if you have misspelled your username when you sign up for the first time, then try these following step to find:

Press Forgot, on the login screen, and then type your email address or username, here enter any potential email addresses that you might have registered with and then press search located in the top right.

If you have linked your Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier, then you can reset your password using FB account by pressing Reset using FB. In case, if you are not able to get access to your email account that you have registered with, and also if you didn’t link your FB and Instagram accounts, unfortunately, the Instagram helpline also cannot help you to get access to your account.

In case, if you didn’t get any password reset email, then it might be possible that the emails might have gone into the spam filter or that you misspelled your email when you signed up for your account in Instagram initially.

To find your password reset email, and check the spam filter on your account.  Also, you can reset your password using FB verification if you have linked your FB and Instagram account earlier.  Also, contact your email service provider to ensure that you are able to get access to all your emails from the Instagram domain.

If you cannot locate your account or you forget your username, then first, check if you are entering the right username, check twice, especially if it has repeated characters.  Do not add @ symbol while entering a username.

If you feel that your username was changed, then check if you got an email from Instagram informing that your account details were changed. You can also take help from your friend, and ask them to get a screenshot of your current username.

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