iPhone Security Tips and Tricks

More than 100 million people use the Apple iPhone globally, and the stipulated to secure them has been a greater issue ever. An iPhone contains a lot of personal information of the user, including contact lists, emails, banking information, pictures, personal notes, and more. Naturally, the users want to keep their personal details private and secure. The latest version of iOS has been given more secure technology than the previous versions.

The iPhone version comes with several security features that you can use them to control and protect your iPhone, and the information is stores and processes.  The latest iPhone come with several safety features that are user-friendly, and even a newbie can easily use the features and secure their device effortlessly.

Iphone Security:

If you observe clearly when you run an application on your iPhone and the details it processes, then you will understand that the app stores all your confidential and personal information like passwords, account numbers, pictures, corporate emails, videos, and photos. It also saves browser search history, places that you have visited recently, stocks your track, and several other details. It is crucial that these details safeguarded at all the time.  Though many people take important precautionary measurements on protecting PCs, they significantly fail to take care even basic security measurements on their iPhone.

Here you can find some of essential iPhone security tips and tricks that can help you protect your iPhone and secure your personal information if someone gets access to your iPhone for any reason, either theft or some other reason.

Enable Passcode Lock on the iPhone:

It is one of the necessary precautionary measurements that one can utilize to protect their iPhone.  You can use Passcode and set it to enlist after a short period of inaction automatically.
By default, you don’t need a Passcode to unlock the iPhone, and most people do not use this useful security measure as they prefer convenience than protection.

If you enable this security feature, you will get used to it, and you will not find any difference later on. It is the best feature that is recommended to all the iPhone users to use to secure feature to set a Passcode to protect their iPhone details from thieves or any other individuals.  It will also increase the endeavor needed to find your iPhone, and also the Passcode is must for some other security applications to enable such as ‘Find my iPhone.’

Disable Feature that is readily accessible without providing the Passcode:

You should disable the voice dial feature because, by default, it can be accessed without entering the Passcode or unlocking the iPhone.

To enable this feature, you just need to press the home button on a locked iPhone. It will immediately activate and start Voice Dial and ask you to enter an instruction.
The Voice Dial feature can be used to call play songs, call anyone from your contact list, and use other applications.
Now, the Apple has provided an option for the iPhone users to disable it if they don’t want it : https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207301

Enable iCloud and ‘Find My iPhone’:

Find my iPhone is the best and helpful service offered by the Apple that can be enabled through iCloud.

This feature allows you to track your iPhone remotely and also lock your iPhone remotely in case it was misplaced or lost.  If you cannot find your iPhone, then you can remotely remove the iPhone service instantly.

You can learn how to activate this feature here : https://support.apple.com/explore/find-my-iphone-ipad-mac-watch

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