Outlook.com / Hotmail Tips and Tricks

Outlook.com / Hotmail Tips and Tricks

Hotmail is now called as Outlook.com, Microsoft has Hotmail to Outlook to compete with its competitors.  Hotmail was one of the first web portals that have offered web-based email services to the users. Indeed, it is still one of the largest e-mail services where over 350 million users are using Hotmail/Outlook services.  Also, this is the only email service that has reinterpreted several times.

Hotmail to Outlook

Outlook.com is a web-based service that offers tasks, contacts, and calendaring services developed by Microsoft. Hotmail was established in 1996, and it was considered as the first webmail services globally.

Hotmail was founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia, in Mountain View, California, but it was headquartered in Sunnyvale.  Microsoft bought the Hotmail in 1997 and changed the name as MSN Hotmail, later in 2007, it was rebranded as Windows Live Hotmail, and in 2011, it was known as Microsoft Hotmail, and finally, in 2012, the company settled with the name Outlook.

For several years, the Microsoft Company supported e-mail addresses on the high-level domains, including @hotmail.com@live.com, @msn.com, and now @outlook.com.  As Hotmail is first email service since many people still using Hotmail/Outlook even today, but the fact many people don’t know about the hidden tricks of the Outlook.  Here you can find some of the Outlook/Hotmail tips and tricks.

Unlimited E-mail IDs:

Add a plus sign and any combination of number or words after your username to get unlimited e-mails Ids.

For instance, if you create my username ‘+’ facebook@outlook.com and use it for the tweeter and so on. It allows you to create unlimited emails IDs. The process can be utilized for @hotmail.com as well.

Unlimited Storage Space:

Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail comes with unlimited storage space that extends to offer more storage space that is needed.

The storage space of your Outlook will increase automatically whenever you require more storage space.

However, you should remove all the junk from your inbox otherwise if it is growing too quickly, then you may not get any messages.

Recover Deleted Messages:

Microsoft Outlook allows you to recover the deleted email messages. If you have deleted email accidentally, then you can still recover back effortlessly. If the feature is not available to you, then you must enable the feature manually, here is how you can enable the feature.

  • Go to Inbox
  • Then go to options
  • Click on  advanced privacy settings
  • Here you can find the recovery details that can help you recover your deleted emails.

Instant Actions:

In the Outlook email, you will find a small button that says Instant Actions, which appears next to the subject lines and sender names of your email message list.

It is one of the best features that save time as it allows you to flag, delete, or mark the message as unread/read/junk in just a single click without even opening the message.

You can personalize immediate actions, for that, you should

  • go to inbox,
  • Then go to options
  • Click on instant actions.

OneDrive for Large Attachments:

Outlook.com included Microsft’s new OneDrive service.
outlook hotmail onedrive

If you want to attach a large file to an email, then the Outlook.com upload the file to the OneDrive and sends the link to the recipient.

This feature allows you to send larger attachments to multiple people or you can share a large file with the individuals who do not have much room in their email inbox.  You just need to click the attachment link on the “More Mail” settings screen.