Outlook.com / Hotmail Tips and Tricks

Hotmail is now called as Outlook.com, Microsoft has Hotmail to Outlook to compete with its competitors.  Hotmail was one of the first web portals that have offered web-based email services to the users. Indeed, it is still one of the largest e-mail services where over 350 million users are using Hotmail/Outlook services.  Also, this is the only email service that has reinterpreted several times.

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Software for Managing Passwords

Every individual who uses a computer knows that they should use a different password for each account. It is not a brainer because if you provide the same password, then there are more chances of revealing all your personal details with one single hack or breach.
But, the question is how you will remember the correct, lengthy passcode for each site, which seems to be a very tough task. So, the best and the only way to use a unique and strong password for every account is by getting a password manager.  These are very handy tools that help you manage your passwords accurately and efficiently.

Here you can see the last time you changed your password! Would not this be the moment to choose a new one …? Check our post Password Security to learn how to create and retain the best secure password

To protect your personal information, you should install a password manager and use unique, powerful and different passwords for each and every account, and make sure that every passcode is hard to crack.

The free open source password manager helps you handle your passwords in a secure way. It allows you to put all passwords in a single database and obtained by the encrypted software. Now, you can find several secure encryption software that can help you protect your personal information safely.
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How to Use Your Mailbox in a Secure Way

Mailbox is the primary tool for the Google Apps or Office 365 users, and that is why many hackers and other unknown individual target mailbox.

Protecting your personal details can help you reduce the risk of identity theft.  You should follow these four main methods to protect your personal information, including Store and organize all your personal details securely, know to whom you are sharing the information, make sure to secure your social security number, and finally, ask relevant questions before sharing your personal information to any individual or the company.

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What is the use of Gmail account?

Gmail is basically a free e-mail service available on web platform that enables you to send or receive emails. Gmail is currently getting tested by Google which provides the user with the storage space of about one gigabyte.

One of the main features of Gmail is that it provides a facility to searching a specific email. Gmail is programmed in such a way that it organizes the successively related messages automatically to conversational thread. These interesting things about Gmail make it different from the other email sites. Also, the website is very much user friendly and works smoothly.

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Things to know about Gmail

Google Gmail is a simple and easy email service which is free. It can be used from any platform. Google Gmail can be accessed from browsers, apps or OS integration. This is worldwide recognized email service. Anyone with internet access can create google account with single Gmail account login and gain access to varieties of google services and products.

10 features that makes Google Gmail a leading email service provider

It is free : There is no cost to sign up and use Google Gmail. There is some cost associated to use premium features but basic function is charge free.

Available across device : No matter which device you use or which OS you are in, Google Gmail service is available. You can sign in to google no matter you are in Windows, Apple, Android or any platform.

Lots of Free space : Google provide you 15 GB of free storage, which you can utilize in Gmail or Google drive or Google photos. This much of space is enough for normal user. If you need more space than that you can easily buy additional space from google in a reasonable price.
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