PayPal Login Problems

Are you having Paypal Login Problems?

Then try to clear your cookies and cache from your browser. If you don’t know how to clear, then take help from the browser’s support page or check this post. Once you provide your internet browser version and name, then it will provide the instructions so you can clear the cookies and cache from your browser accordingly.

If you are having trouble to log in to your PayPal account because you forgot the password or email address, then try to recover the details using these simple steps:

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  • Got to log in
  • Having trouble logging in – Click the button
  • Forgot your email ID – Click the button
  • Try your three email addresses that you might have used to register your PayPal account
  • If an email address that the PayPal recognizes, then it will let you know the correct email address.
  • What if I forgot my password?

If you as the PayPal help team to call you, then on the next screen you get a code. When you get a call from team use that code, then you will be asked to create a new password (you need to enter the password twice).

If you select to get a text, then enter the six-digit security code that you will get on your mobile phone and the press next.  You will get to create a new password, which you need to enter twice.

If you want to get an email, then you need to provide the six-digit security code, then soon from the PayPal support team, you will get an email and press continue. The team may ask you to verify your card number, and then you will be asked to create a new password that you need to entire two times.

If you prefer to answer security questions, then enter the answers and press continue. Again, you have to verify your card number and then you have to create a new password, enter it twice.

You can also get an option to verify through FB Messenger, and if you select this method, then press Send Code, and then enter the six-digit security code that is sent to your Facebook Messenger and then press confirm. The support team will ask you to generate a new password, and ask you to enter the password twice.

PayPal Problems

PayPal is one of the popular online payment systems but it may create several problems for the users. These problems could of anything like they occur while transferring money or at storefronts, also rarely it causes problems related to PayPal running into server connection issues or the server going down.

The most standard PayPal issues are connected to Sign-in within the website, apps or when sending a payment and depositing money through a checking account or credit card.

You can get support contact details on the Troubleshooting page, so if you have encountered with any PayPal problems ling singing in or sending money, then you can get the help from this support team immediately.  You can as well leave status updates about your issues below, and try to check other users having issues presently.

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