Pinterest Login Problems

Pinterest Login Problems

If you are having Pinterest login issues, and are unable to access your account, then follow these simple steps:

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  • Go the website and ensure you are logged out.
  • Now, go to the website, go to password and press reset to find your account.
  • Request a password reset email just by pressing a button.
  • You will get an email with a link to reset your Pinterest password; you just need to follow the steps to reset the password.
  • Log in to your Pinterest using your new password.

Logging in with a new device?

If you are still logged in to your Pinterest account on another device, then you can change your password or email from that device.  As you know that, the password and email are your main tools for logging in your Pinterest account.

Make sure to use the current email and password so that you won’t have any Pinterest login problems.

To change your email address

  • On the top of the Pinterest webpage, you will find the three-dot button, you must press that button to open your menu.
  • Go to setting, and press to open your settings
  • Here, you must enter your new email id in the box
  • Now, after entering the new email Id press save button to save the settings.

You will get a confirmation email to your old address and once you confirm your address, you can use it to log in.  If you did not get the confirmation email from Pinterest, call their customer service for further instructions.

To modify your password

  • To change your current password, it is also similar process, click on the 3-dot button located on the top side of Pinterest to open the menu.
  • Now, press settings button to open your settings,
  • And now, change your password.
  • Enter your present password, and again enter your new password two times to confirm.
  • Now, press change password, and then press save settings.
  • If you forgot your old password, then you can request Pinterest to send a password reset link.

Forgot your Pinterest email


Make sure to log out from the Pinterest website. Once you are logged out, go to Pinterest   .com and go to password and then press reset and look for email addresses that you have used to sign in the Pinterest.

Unintentionally created a new account?

Use the same steps as mentioned above to log out from Pinterest, and find the correct account, and reset your password.

The Pinterest website authorities can protect your account. You just need to reset your Pinterest password. For more tips, you can as well visit Pinterest’s login trouble article.

Many people complain that they are not able to login to their Pinterest account and they don’t find any exact reason. Even after providing the email ID into the login form, they say that the page will reload to the main index page. This kind of issues can be occurred by corrupt cache or cookies.  When you face the same problem, then clear the Cache and remove cookies, then automatically you will be logged out from the website. Now, try to log in using your password and email Id into your account.