Recover access to your Apple Account

If you have not logged in to your Apple account for some time, you may have forgotten your password, and maybe even your username! You can resolve this by resetting your account then by answering security questions or by using an alternate email address then if necessary, doing an upgrade. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be to log back into your Apple account.

Recover your forgotten login / Apple ID

Go to iForgot.

  1. First open your favorite browser and go to
  2. Now choose the “Forgot your Apple ID” option under the Apple ID text bar.

Provide the requested information.

Write your first and last name and email address used for creating Apple account

Apple ID found

You’re done ! You just have to click on “Go to your account” to connect.

Reset a forgotten password

Go to iForgot.

  • First open your favorite browser and go to
  • Now just enter your email and the captcha
  • Press “Continue”

Select what information to reset

You could reset your password ot your security questions, choose “I need to reset my password”
reset apple password

An email will be sent on your rescue Address

Go to your mailbox

  • Log in your mail box
  • Click on “reset now”
  • Just choose a new passord and you’re done !

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