Recover access to your Outlook / Hotmail account

Recover access to your Outlook / Hotmail account

Solution for Hotmail / Outlook deactivation

Be cautious while closing or deactivating your Hotmail / Outlook account. Consider consequence then only delete if you’ll want to delete it.

Sign in for your Hotmail / Outlook id regularly or at best per month therefore it will not be closed for lack of exercise.

Don’t use your Hotmail / Outlook email to junk e-mail people.

If you feel your account is closed because of error check out Hotmail / Outlook support page and submit a request. Whether it was closed because of error, you’re going to get back your Hotmail / Outlook id.

Hotmail / Outlook sign in problem – My account is hacked

Solution for hacked Hotmail / Outlook account

In case your account is compromised cause your password is easy and someone has used it. Utilize your recovery number or email and reset passwords making it strong this time around.In case your account is compromised by someone using virus then obvious your pc before altering passwords. Be cautious while installing unofficial application/game/program. And try to use current anti-virus.

Once you recover your account you will get your e-mail and phone even when hacker has erased it.

Hotmail / Outlook sign in problem – Account temporarily blocked

Solution with this Hotmail / Outlook related issue

If identify any unusual activities inside your account they will block the account temporarily. You will unblock your account with couple of simple process.

Visit register page and then try to login your Hotmail / Outlook account. You need to enter your mobile number to request security code. You’re going to get security code via SMS or automated voice call. Whenever you input you the security code, you need to modify your old password to accomplish the unblock process.

Uncheck the Stay logged in
This may seem like a convenience to you, but you should consider unchecking the “Stay connected” option, especially if you are connecting to a computer that is not yours.

Hotmail / Outlook sign in problem – My account is closed

Case 1 :  You closed the account.

For those who have closed the account themselff then all of your contacts and mails is going to be erased from outlook server. And also the account is going to be launched to recycle after two months. Other Microsoft service connected using the account is going to be inaccessible.

Case 2 : Account closed because of long term inactivity

f you haven’t sign in to your Hotmail / Outlook account in excess of one year, it will be erased and cannot be retrieved.

Case 3 Account closed because of doubtful account activity.

When the account can be used for just about any junk e-mail purpose or send big quantity of junk e-mail mail than it should be closed

Hotmail / Outlook sign in problem – Didn’t receive verification code

If you work with sign with single-use code or using two step verification then it will likely be an issue if you don’t obtain the verification code.

Solution for undelivered verification code

Make certain you’ve signed up with the right mobile number. And verufy if you are within cellular network or not.If it didn’t work first time, You are able to request to resend the code. As well as for two step verification, it’s easier to use email or authenticator for that security code generation.

Hotmail / Outlook  sign in problem – Hotmail / Outlook  username and password do not match

Solution for this Hotmail / Outlook problem

Make certain you’ve joined the good email and password while login directly into And verify whether caps lock is on, if caps lock is on then power it down and check out again.

Hotmail / Outlook login problem – My Hotmail / Outlook account redirected to

Do not concern yourself, it’s not an issue. Microsoft has upgraded the to All of your emails, contacts and calendar remain same and you may access these with your old Hotmail / Outlook email , you don’t have to modify your id.

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