Skype Login Problems

Skype Login Problems

Are you having Skype Login Problem? Then first check you are using the latest version of Skype.

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Your system needs minimum needs for running Skype if you have the latest hardware drivers and software updates for your computer.  This can easily solve the Skype login issues. However, currently, there are various ways the Skype operates. The Skype users are allowed to use Skype tools even without creating a new Skype account or without signing in.

With this kind of changes in Skype can also bring new problems, especially during the transition phase. One of the major issues complained many Skype users are that they are having Skype login problems.

Choosing Between Login Options

Start by selecting the right sign in option. It will direct you to the home page where you can see two-sign-in choices, one with a Skype Username and the other one with a Microsoft Account.

If you have a Skype account already and trying to log in with your username, then press Skype Username, in general, the usual username contains a combination of numbers and letters must be provided on Skype.

If you don’t have any Skype account, then click Microsoft Account and provide email addresses along with the email domain extension such as,, and  It generates an auto registration system that is very helpful to the individuals who find it difficult to remember multiple password and username.

Forgot My Password, What Do I Do?

Many users forget their Skype password, and it is a very common problem.  To avoid permanent account loss or have to create another account, you can effortlessly recuperate your passwords from identification recovery settings of Skype.  The Skype recovery team will send you an email that contains your account details, which can help you use your account simply.

If you have used the Microsoft account to create your Skype account, then select the Microsoft Account/Password reset page.  If you are using a Skype name, then select the Skype forgotten page option. Once you get the page, fill the form with the necessary details and press submit button.  Now, check your email to find if it has to recover the account details that you need.

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If you are logging in to your Microsoft Account with the username that the Skype does not recognize, then immediately you will get a message like “That Microsoft Account does not exist.” Also, it says “Enter a different email address or get a new account.”  The Microsoft may not be able to send the forgotten account details, but it helps you remember few simple steps like:

  • Did you print your account name wrong?
  • Did you forget your account name?
  • Are you using a different type of account name?
  • Could your Skype account be deleted or closed?

These questions can help you recover your Skype account easily.