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Every individual who uses a computer knows that they should use a different password for each account. It is not a brainer because if you provide the same password, then there are more chances of revealing all your personal details with one single hack or breach.
But, the question is how you will remember the correct, lengthy passcode for each site, which seems to be a very tough task. So, the best and the only way to use a unique and strong password for every account is by getting a password manager.  These are very handy tools that help you manage your passwords accurately and efficiently.

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To protect your personal information, you should install a password manager and use unique, powerful and different passwords for each and every account, and make sure that every passcode is hard to crack.

The free open source password manager helps you handle your passwords in a secure way. It allows you to put all passwords in a single database and obtained by the encrypted software. Now, you can find several secure encryption software that can help you protect your personal information safely.


Fill Forms Automatically:

Most of these password managers come with auto-fill stored features and with just a simple step, it fills up personal data on Web Forms, including email address, last and first name, phone number, and so on. The best encryption software comes with a Web form-filling option.

Avoid ‘save’ option, when the websites offer to save your financial details, address, etc., for convenience.  If you choose to save, then that means you are inviting the risk. You never know how strong these sites are to keep your personal details safe.  You just allow the password manager to fill the form every time for safety measures.

You should always keep your login information safe with multi-factor verification and create uncrackable passcodes. Passwords are easy to crack, and some people use the same password for every account, which may cause problems when their data gets hacked. But, with password managers, you can avoid using same passwords, and also you don’t need to remember each and every password.  The password manager does the entire task for you.  Here you can find some of the best password managers that can help you keep your personal data safe and secure.


This password manager offers two options, free and premium. Both versions store a limitless number of account logins in a protected vault that is safeguarded by a master passcode. It will complete online forms automatically for you and can provide multi-factor verification.

The premium version also accords across many devices and stores passwords for PC programs; it allows you to share protected folders with others along with personal permission.

You can download LastPass here :


It is one of the best password managers, and it works on all devices and browsers. Dashlane is a competitor of LastPass since the company provides the best and powerful password security system to compete with its rival. It works on Mac, Windows, iOs, Android, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. This Dashlane password manager also offers a premium version that provides unlimited sharing and syncing.

You can download Dashlane here :

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