iPhone Security Tips and Tricks

More than 100 million people use the Apple iPhone globally, and the stipulated to secure them has been a greater issue ever. An iPhone contains a lot of personal information of the user, including contact lists, emails, banking information, pictures, personal notes, and more. Naturally, the users want to keep their personal details private and secure. The latest version of iOS has been given more secure technology than the previous versions.

The iPhone version comes with several security features that you can use them to control and protect your iPhone, and the information is stores and processes.  The latest iPhone come with several safety features that are user-friendly, and even a newbie can easily use the features and secure their device effortlessly.

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Gmail Tips and Tricks

Most people from all over the world have Gmail Account.  The Gmail can be used on all devices, including iOS, Android, and Desktop devices, and it allows you to view attachments instantly. You can see the file without leaving Gmail, and also it allows you to save the attachments straightaway to your Drive to categorize and share them in a safe and single place.

Gmail allows you to take action directly from the inbox. It allows you to track packages, RSVP for events, review products, and more without opening your emails.  You can compose new messages even while checking your inbox. Gmail allows you to compose easily and quickly, and it is loaded with the best features. You can also use the Gmail for business as it lets you get a custom email on the website, including docs, calendar, video meetings, and much more with access from your tablet or Smartphone.

The best features of Gmail have wrapped away, and many people might have never known about these endless Gmail tricks. Here you can find some of the best Gmail tricks and tips that can help you use the Gmail even more efficiently.

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Yahoo Mail Tips and Tricks

Yahoo is one of the popular service providers, and it is a globally well-recognized web portal, search engine.  Yahoo has been providing services globally, including Yahoo! Search and other associated services such as Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Answers, and Yahoo! Groups. It also provides other services like online mapping, advertising, fantasy sports, video sharing, and social media website. It is most favorite web portal in the United States of America.

Yahoo!  (Comes with an exclamation mark) which is a short form for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” It got this odd and long name in 1994, given by two intelligent electrical engineering and Ph.D. Students from Stanford University called Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Here you can find some of the Yahoo emails and messaging tips and tricks that you might have never noticed before.

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Outlook.com / Hotmail Tips and Tricks

Hotmail is now called as Outlook.com, Microsoft has Hotmail to Outlook to compete with its competitors.  Hotmail was one of the first web portals that have offered web-based email services to the users. Indeed, it is still one of the largest e-mail services where over 350 million users are using Hotmail/Outlook services.  Also, this is the only email service that has reinterpreted several times.

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