Twitter Login Problems

Twitter is an online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. If you are unable to login into your Twitter account, then

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use your email address and password to sign in into twitter. In case, you forgot your password or if it is not working, then request a reset in a rest from through your email. If Twitter cannot find your email address, then maybe you are entering the wrong email address.

Forgot Your User ID, Password, or Both

Forgot Email

If you cannot remember the email address that you used on your account, then use your account’s user ID and password to log into the Twitter account. If it does not work, then go the password request page and enter the username or your email addresses or the phone number that you use regularly. Then check your email inboxes to find the password reset link sent by the Twitter customer services. Follow the password reset instructions.

Forgot Phone Number

If you cannot remember the phone number that you used on your account, then enter your account email address or username.

Hacked Account

If you think your account has been hacked, then contact the customer service immediately for quick assistance. If you lost access to your email address that you used to sign up, then use your Twitter app on your Android or iOS device and update your email address in the settings.

In case, if you don’t have the Twitter app, then try to log in to your account on twitter.com by using your username and password.  Once you login to your account, try to update your email ID in the settings immediately.  If you have included your mobile number to your twitter account, then you will also receive an SMS for your password reset.

If you don’t remember your password, and does not have access to your email account, and also you didn’t add your mobile number with your account, then call support team and they can help you get access to your Twitter account.

If you are requested for a new password reset link, but you didn’t find any information in your email, then make sure to check the spam or junk mail filters on your email inbox. Sometimes, small domains sort your emails.

Provide your email ID while appealing for a password reset. This will make sure that on which email you are sending to so that you can check in the right inbox.  Even after requesting a password reset, you still didn’t get it, then file a holdup a ticket.

But, even after resetting the password, if you cannot still log in, then try again; sometimes these emails links take time to log in.  Also, check thoroughly that you have not posted any extra spaces along with the link to your URL bar.

You can as well try logging in from another browser, like Firefox, or log in on another computer. Also, ensure that your browser allows cookies. Clear your browser’s cache before saving your new password. If it is still not working, then file a support ticket.

If you are trying to log in and if you are getting a ‘locked out’ error message, and then don’t worry, these locks will get clear by themselves; it takes one hour or so.  But, remember, don’t ask for more password reset while waiting for locks to get clear.

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