What is the use of Gmail account?

Gmail is basically a free e-mail service available on web platform that enables you to send or receive emails. Gmail is currently getting tested by Google which provides the user with the storage space of about one gigabyte.

One of the main features of Gmail is that it provides a facility to searching a specific email. Gmail is programmed in such a way that it organizes the successively related messages automatically to conversational thread. These interesting things about Gmail make it different from the other email sites. Also, the website is very much user friendly and works smoothly.

Some basic uses of Gmail

In today’s world having an email id is as important as having a phone number. But why to prefer Gmail over hundreds of other options available. One basic reason to stick to Gmail is that it keeps on improvising itself with the changing world. Now let’s discuss some basic uses of Gmail.

  • Helps in sending and receiving mail: one of the most basic functions that Gmail has is sending the mail to the desired email id. Also, Gmail allows you to receive mails on your email id. Sending mails have gained a lot of importance in today’s world, all the major business talks take place over mail only.
  • Helps in storing mails: Gmail also stores the mails that have been sent through the id. Saving the mails ensures that no confusion in future is created. Or even it is created it can be resolved using the mails saved. It also keeps a record of the mail sent or received through the id. Although the storage capacity is limited so you have to be specific on which mail I want to keep and which one you want to delete.
  • Helps in sending attachment files: The other important function of Gmail is that it helps you to send attachments with the mail. The attachment can be in the form of anything a word or a pdf file, pictures or audios etc. This feature explains the mail in a better way and also makes the transferring of the files very easy.
  • Helps in registering on other websites: Having a Gmail account helps you registering on other websites as well. Because many social websites ask for your email id when you begin the sign up process. Not only social websites but also in almost in every website it is mandatory to give your email id before registering on it. As Gmail is user friendly it is very easy to complete the sign up process on any website with the help of a Gmail account.

These are some basic uses of Gmail account which lets many people to leave other email services and come to Gmail. Moreover Gmail is getting tested under Google which makes it more trust worthy among the people. There are many features in Gmail which makes it different from others. If you still not having a Gmail account then you don’t need to worry m8ch all you need to do is just fill up the sign in form and enjoy the services.

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